Tree Wise Northland Ltd



8 Western Hills Drive, Whangarei
Phone: 09 437 6150

Trees can be a beautiful sight for the eye, enhancing your property aesthetically and adding value to it. However, they can also be the reason for major headaches. Unruly trees that take away your view are rather annoying, and worse, sick or damaged trees can quickly turn into safety hazards, putting you, your loved ones and your belongings in danger. Tree Wise Northland can help keep those headaches at bay.

The Whangarei-based company specializes in tree maintenance including pruning, trimming and removal if need be. Their qualified arborists operate to the highest safety standards to minimize danger for humans and property. Whether it’s in a small residential area or a large commercial contract, Tree Wise have got the necessary knowledge and expertise to deal with a range of jobs in a professional and timely manner.

If you’re looking for quality workmanship, get your trees and hedges pruned into shape with Tree Wise. The friendly team will also remove large branches that have become dangerous or are in the way, or the whole plant, including the stump and root system. Nothing gets left behind, and the site is cleared of any potential obstacles and safety hazards. The same goes for shelterbelts which are a common site throughout Northland to protect property and cattle from the elements. Tree Wise provides regular maintenance to ensure your shelterbelts keep functioning properly and will trim or remove shelterbelts that have outlived their purpose. Their services also include general land clearing, for example on sections prior to building, along trails and walkways or to eliminate invasive plants.

Working daily with trees brings a lot of excess wood about. Therefore, Tree Wise can offer readily split firewood for the colder season all year round. Orders can be made for any amounts of cubic meters for both, commercial and home firewood needs, with delivery within 5 working days.

Contact Tree Wise today to receive a free, no-obligation quote for all your arborist services.