Sending the right Sympathy Gift Basket

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When a family member, friend or colleague loses a loved one, finding the right words to express your sympathy can be quite hard. A gift often says more than 1000 words could ever do. Gifts show that you are thinking of ones left behind and that you care about what they’re going through.

Gifts of condolence are generally considered an appropriate gesture to pass on to the bereaved. While traditionally flowers are still the most popular way to express your sympathy, more and more people wish to pass on their sentiments with something more lasting. Furthermore, some cultures and religions do not emphasize the display of flowers and things can go horribly wrong if colours are picked that have a different meaning for the family of the deceased.

Sympathy gift baskets

Sending food in times of hardship is part of most customs and traditions around the world, therefore sympathy gift baskets are a great alternative to show someone that you care in times of sadness and despair. They can be filled with a range of foods, ranging from baked goods and desserts to fruits, dried fruits and nuts as well as assorted chocolates.

Basket Creations has thoughtfully put together some tasteful bereavement gifts, using artisan products from throughout New Zealand that those in mourning can enjoy. They are beautifully wrapped and designed and will certainly make the receivers feel special and supported in that time of remembrance.

A sympathy gift basket can also be quite a practical gift for some. People who are grieving often don’t feel like eating, let alone cooking. A basket full of little temptations is a kind-hearted way to express your condolences while offering them a few moments of bliss.

It is also appropriate to send sympathy gift baskets to the funeral home where the deceased was sent on his or her last journey. The same goes if you can’t attend the funeral or service in person. Sending condolences with a gift basket to the family of the deceased is a well-appreciated custom.

Sending a gift basket

Gifts of condolences can be sent by most friends or colleagues of either the deceased or the grieving family. If you were part of a sports club, social or church organization you may want to join together with others and chip in for a larger gift basket in the name of everyone. This will also be a welcome gesture for those who won’t be able to express their sympathies in person.

The best time to send a gift of condolence is as soon as you receive the news of the loss of a loved one. In some cases, the family of the deceased might want to receive gifts during the funeral or memorial service. If you had a very special relationship with the deceased you may also wish to send smaller gift baskets later, for example, to mark a specific anniversary or to keep the memory alive.

If you’re unsure where to send the gift basket, etiquette suggests that the closest living family member would be the receiver. It is also recommendable to include a condolence card, expressing your sympathy and stating your relationship to the deceased for those family members that don’t know you. You could further include a memory that connected you and the deceased, emphasizing a special character trait you admired.