Free Fitness Whangarei

Hatea Loop

Do you want to exercise more but can’t afford a personal trainer and fitness classes simply don’t work for you? Guess what, in Whangarei you can stay fit and healthy for free! There’s even an outdoor gym that doesn’t cost a cent, so what are you waiting for?

Compressor and Air Tool Servicing

AirConnect Whangarei

Pneumatic tools can be found anywhere from industrial or construction sites to Kiwi backyards that need some DIY. They come […]

Kauri Dieback Disease in Whangarei

Wash Station

One of New Zealand’s native trees is under threat. And there is no cure. Kauri dieback disease has the potential to kill every single giant in our forests, which will affect popular Whangarei scenic reserves such as AH Reed Park and Mount Parihaka.

Sending the right Sympathy Gift Basket

Basket Creations

When a family member, friend or colleague loses a loved one, finding the right words to express your sympathy can […]