Blast Away Guys Water Blasting

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Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Location: Kensington, Whangarei 0112

Cleaning your home or business can be a tedious job and is something most people like to postpone. Why not delegate it to the Blast Away Guys? Whether it’s a residential or a commercial building, the Northland-based company takes pride in making your space shine by offering quality water blasting and washing services. Having the exterior cleaned not only improves the look of your property. Getting rid of build-ups such as algae, mould or pollution will also extend the life of any paint job as these nasties can eat right into the paint and eventually cause serious damage.

Pete and his crew have been providing excellent customer service and exceptional workmanship for decades. They have the skills, knowledge and equipment to professionally wash anything from granny’s little unit to large commercial buildings such as shopping centres and multi-story buildings. Depending on your needs, the family-owned business offers soft wash, chemical and high-pressure water blasting services.

The soft wash technique is perfect to remove mould and grime and is generally used for routine cleaning which is recommended every 4 to 12 months. For tougher projects the Blast Away Guys use a chemical or high-pressure wash that will get rid of heavy build ups of grime, allege and mould.

The Blast Away Guys can also help you bring the sparkle back on your decks, driveways, any concrete areas as well as fences, signs and windows. Is your roof due for a clean? Have you got issues with moss and mould on the exterior of your building, or are your gutters overgrowing with weeds and debris? Not a problem, the Blast Away Guys have you covered. They even rid your outside walls of pests such as bugs and spiders and keep them at bay long term.

Whatever your needs, why not call Pete and his crew today to discuss your cleaning project and receive a free quote.